Nicholas R. Melnick
Technology Executive and Agent of Change
Minneapolis, MN // nmelnick [at] outlook /dot/ com

Summary and Profile

Innovative, experienced, objective, and hands on executive who thrives in challenging, fast-paced organizations delivering disruptive and groundbreaking technology. Strong, strategic and long-term thinker with a unique ability to hit the ground running and guide groups toward reliable and great results. Proven problem solver, with a keen understanding of business goals, able to create cohesive teams to deliver on a successful technical strategy.

Skills and Experience

Leadership, Team Building, and Strategy
Agile methodologies, Business analysis and intelligence, Team mentoring and coaching, Conflict management, Executing in global markets, Client relationship management and communication

Technology: Languages, Frameworks, Tools, and Storage
Java (Play, Android), Perl (Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class), JavaScript (JQuery, Node.js, AngularJS), Vala, and C. Well versed in HTML and AJAX, with exposure to C#, Python, Ruby, Scala, and Objective C.
RDBMS: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, exposure to SQL Server and Oracle. NoSQL: Couchbase, CouchDB

Work Experience

Director of Development
November, 2012 – Present
Digital River, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Critical member of the SMB Commerce/MyCommerce leadership team, responsible for technical strategy on the company's $100M SMB e-commerce platform. Drives development competencies, empowerment, and teamwork through management, coaching, and mentoring of global engineering team, including locations in the US, Germany, and India. Leverages 15 years of development experience and deep understanding of best-practice architecture disciplines and processes, combined with extensive experience with the SMB e-commerce market to guide technical direction with a cross-functional organization.

  • Deliver strong, revenue-generating solutions to solve needs of product and business groups, on time, on budget, and exceeding expectations
  • Provides technical expertise to business owners, product owners, project management, and legal to deliver an advanced, best-in-class commerce platform while maintaining stability and scalability
  • Collaborates with other development, IT, and operations groups within the company to encourage rapid development, fast failure, and partnerships to share best practices, technologies and services across teams
  • Identifies and develops top engineering talent by lifting gifted software architects into key roles to quickly release new features and bulletproof the existing code
  • Successfully implemented transition of the development group into Agile methodology fostering individual leadership and ownership
  • Drove and accomplished a movement toward service-oriented architecture, encouraging new functionality to stand apart with client-facing APIs, and using refactoring as a way to pull functionality into stand alone services
Associate Director of Development
November, 2011 – November, 2012
Digital River, Inc., Minneapolis, MN
Technical Development Manager
January, 2010 – November, 2012

Led the development teams for SWREG and RegNow, two market leading self-contained e-commerce systems. Mentored developers through a conversion of Perl code as old as ten years to modern, scalable systems using Catalyst and other technologies, focused on technical debt and security fixes, and interfaced with other teams throughout the company to foster productive relationships and increase speed to market.

  • Managed technical development of the two highest grossing commerce platforms within the SMB organization
  • Successfully initiated and accomplished a complete modernization effort on two platforms, bringing new methodology and mentorship to the team
  • Undertook and refocused a development team into stable releases through coaching, organizational changes, informal meetups, and release planning
Development and Systems Guru
February, 2008 – January, 2010
Golden Guru, LLC, Port Orchard, WA

Joined a small group of highly specialized developers and designers to create and maintain large, scalable web applications for outside clients and internal use. Provided consultation on modern technologies and system design, and played a key role in the architecture of several large sites.

  • Played instrumental role in re-architecture of a high profile web application serving medical information to over one million registered users from Mason to a custom web framework using Perl, DBIx::Class, and MySQL
  • Consulted external clients on site direction, scalability, reporting, and usability
  • Drove implementation of enhanced security and lockdown techniques to move toward HIPAA compliance
System Architect
October, 2006 – February, 2008
G2 Web Services, Bellevue, WA

High-level role as an architect, manager, developer, and lead administrator for a system to solve solving web data aggregation, analysis, and automation for a merchant compliance company. Quickly automated processes to change multiple hour job preparation to an end-to-end, hands-off automated system, managing data input, analysis, heuristics, and database work to a queued and auto-fed distributed crawling system.

  • Built and managed IT operations team, driving process, monitoring, and automation across a large installation
  • Redeveloped existing tools to take advantage of database abstraction and modular, OO Perl development
  • Created a distributed job management system to allow multiple nodes in various geographical locations to perform small targeted tasks and return results to a bank of master servers
  • Provided web services utilizing SOAP, XML-RPC, and YAML written in Perl for Perl, Java and PHP clients
Senior Technology Manager
September, 2005 – October, 2006
NexTune, Inc., Redmond, WA

Lead the Server Technology Team: managed and mentored up to six senior-level developers, providing system architecture and data integration processes in a music technology company. Successfully managed the migration of an existing unfinished C# and SQL Server platform to a Perl-based web application with XML-RPC web services, creating a seamless infrastructure for the "nexTune" application.

  • Managed a team of developers, DBAs, and administrators to construct a reliable server and database platform
  • Created an API between NexTune and partners for music metadata and commerce
  • Performed REALbasic and C development; created server communication libraries and interfaces
Web Application Developer
March, 2005 – August, 2005
DialupUSA, Lynnwood, WA

Joined this fast growing provider of virtual ISP solutions at a critical stage of transition into automating and extending core processes. Initial projects included designing a new payroll system for internal use, as well as two other customer-facing Perl MVC applications utilizing Catalyst, CGI::Application and Template Toolkit.

  • Created an automated reseller signup tool allowing customers to start a virtual ISP online in minutes, replacing 90% of the new customer paperwork and manual setup
  • Initiated processes for requirements specification, system and code documentation, and version control
Web Solutions Engineer
October, 2003 – March, 2005
DialupUSA, Lynnwood, WA

Created new features and performed maintenance, administration and monitoring of their flagship Learning Incentive Management product during a major growth period. Instrumental in development, scaling, and execution of interoperability with .NET without fundamentally changing application architecture.

  • Maintained and extended a large scale web application in Perl using CGI::Application on Apache and IIS
  • Acted as a build engineer, effectively designed a code release system for development and production
Internet Systems Specialist
October, 2000 – October, 2003
digital.forest, Inc., Bothell, WA

Served as administrator and escalated support for OS X Server, Windows, and FreeBSD. Designed Perl applications interfacing with FileMaker, MySQL, and OpenBase SQL for external clients and internal account support. Lead transitions to new technology, where appropriate, to simplify data center operations and account management.

Technical Representative
March, 1998 – September, 2000
Citilink Internet, Minneapolis, MN

Joined as a technical support representative, which developed into a many-tasked role. Responsibilities included technical support, Solaris administration, and redesigning support pages into a dynamic application.

Web Solutions Developer
May, 1999 – March, 2000
US WEST !nterprise, Minneapolis, MN

Development of Perl and Oracle applications including signup services, ticketing system, and employee services.

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